Exofficio now available!

Exofficio Bugs Away.

Exofficio Bugs Away.

Marmot and Adventure peaks are proud to announce that the Exofficio range of Bugs Away clothing is now available in store.

Exofficio’s Bugs Away apparel with Insect Shield technology is an exciting new range to help you battle against insects who can carry diseases like the Zika Virus or Lyme disease. With Odorless and invisible insect protection you get a carefree outdoor experience, letting you focus on the adventure, not the bugs.

The active ingredient in the system, Permethrin, is so tightly bound to the fabric fibres that it will last through 70 launderings. Bugsaway products can be bleached, starched and pressed without any effect on the repellent quality.

Unlike traditional tropical repellents Bugs Away is odorless, highly resistant to washing and does not need to be reapplied every few hours. It is not greasy and and stays on your clothes, not your skin, and is very easy to care for.

Go to Adventure peaks to see what we have available in this new range.